Imagine that couch is ice cream. Melted ice cream.

When it comes to health and fitness advocates, there are few faces more recognizable than the FLOTUS herself. Michelle Obama is set to grace the cover of Vogue‘s in-shape issue for April in a portrait taken by photographer Annie Leibowitz. Since Anna Wintour is a fan of Obama’s (the headline for her first Vogue cover was “The First Lady The World’s Been Waiting For”), it only makes sense that soon after Barack Obama’s reelection,  the first lady would appear in the magazine once again.

Apparently, Leibowitz and Vogue attempted to convince Obama to do one of Leibowitz’ trademark shoots (“reclining in a milk bath“), but the first lady turned the idea down. Why? I assume it is because she’s severely lactose intolerant, or else it is simply due to being the first lady, and first ladies are tend to veer away from milk bath territory. Although, it is kind of amusing to imagine that Obama gave a milk allergy as the reason behind declining such an offer, then

Rather than milk, Obama will reportedly be donning Reed Krakoff, whose gorgeous navy dress she wore at the official swearing-in ceremony earlier this year. I, for one, am extremely stoked to see the exact dress she’ll be wearing (and how many “get the look” posts spawn all over the fashion world wide web quickly thereafter…which would, again, be way funnier if the milk idea had flown).

Photo: Vogue