Michelle Obama in Tracy Reese dress 2

With Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

Today is the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic March on Washington, where he delivered his famous, beautiful “I Have A Dream” speech. To commemorate the event, Barack and Michelle Obama visited Washington DC’s Lincoln Memorial for the Let Freedom Ring Commemoration.

For her outfit, the First Lady wore a lovely Tracy Reese dress (buyable here for $498). Reese has been a choice of Obama’s for outfits before, for both herself and daughter Sasha. Understandably, Reese was stoked on the choice:

“We are honored that the First Lady would choose to wear one of our designs during the celebration of such a deeply significant historical moment. Mrs. Obama’s radiance make our dresses shine!”

FLOTUS is conscientious when it comes to her wardrobe (considering how much scrutiny she comes under for literally any decision she makes appearance-wise, this makes sense), so this comes as no surprise. And it is noteworthy, too, because 100 years ago, there was little to no chance of the wife of a president to be wearing an African American woman’s design.

Michelle Obama in Tracy Reese dress

Of course, while this is wonderful and something to cheer on, it is still important to continue the push for diversity in the fashion world (and, indeed, the rest of media). Despite huge strides, fashion is still painfully behind in recognizing women other than tall, thin, cisgender white ones. Hopefully, by the time another 50 years is up, that lack of variation will no longer be an issue and this blog post will seem painfully outdated. If the future has blogs, that is, and hasn’t just gained the ability to communicate 140 character thoughts and rants about style via thought.

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