While everyone else was wearing fancy dresses to the Oscars last night, first lady Michelle Obama was wearing a fancy dress to the Governors’ Dinner in Washington D.C. The photos that have been released thus far are limited and the photographer did not catch her making the best face, but it’s clear that she and her famous arms looked as amazing as ever in her dazzling one-shouldered gown:

Nobody’s said for sure yet who designed the number, but many are speculating that it’s by Jenny Packham.

Related question: do you think Michelle Obama ever wishes she could wear her sparkly gowns to something fun like the Oscars instead of standing around talking to old men about boring political shit?

A: No, because Michelle Obama is not a frivolous, pop-culture-addled nincompoop like the rest of us. Remember that she went to Harvard Law School, which is as sure a sign as any that she actually likes boring political shit. Then again, maybe she’ll start going to the Oscars once she’s done being first lady. Who knows?

(Via HuffPo)