One has to admit that Michelle Williams has phenomenal style. With her cute bleached, short ‘do that she keeps in honor of Heath Ledger to everything she wears on the red carpet, she is the picture of elegance, class and impeccable taste in fashion. Or maybe that’s just her stylist at work. Either way, no matter what she wears, she rocks it perfectly.

Much to my delight, and surprise, I noticed that the beauty is in the new video of one of my favorite bands of the moment, Wild Nothing. In the video for their new song, “Paradise,” Williams is decked out in dark sunglasses, listening to a cassette player and clearly struggling with some sort of issue. She plays the tortured character like no other, yes? And that hair! The gorgeous pixie cut!

Williams also provides the monologue mid-song as waterfalls swirl around her. It’s great. It’s probably going to make you want to runaway to make peace with something inside, but sometimes, you need to runaway. Obviously, I’ve always supported this method of healing.

[youtube_iframe id=”zm636VSQXUU”]


Photo: YouTube