Michelle Williams and Audrey Tautou

When I saw the new Louis Vuitton campaign starring Michelle Williams, I actually did not realize it was her. In fact, I thought it was Audrey Tautou. Perhaps it’s because both actresses have gorgeous, softly angular bone structures and look amazing in pixie cuts, and because Williams’ eyes look like a deep brown in the photo, but wow — they look similar in this.

Basically, if two of the loveliest, most stylish and well-respected actresses in the world combined this is what they would look like:

Michelle Williams for Louis Vuitton campaign.

Of course, my hypothetical hybrid is not an actual human being. What this actually means is that Michelle Williams was photoshopped to a rather remarkable extent; personally, I would not have recognized her in this photo had I not seen the other ad below.

Michelle Williams for Louis Vuitton campaign.


Williams looks (unsurprisingly) incredible in both ads, but her face also looks very different than, well, her actual face. It seems her chin has been narrowed, her nostril shape changed, eyebrows darkened and reshaped quite a bit (though I assume that’s just makeup); it’s all a little disconcerting. While everyone can appear differently with certain makeup techniques, there are some aspects of editing here that are simply unable to chock up to anything but photoshop. That’s a shame, too, since the point of getting Michelle Williams to represent your stuff is…to have Michelle Williams, herself, represent your stuff.

Photos: Getty Images & Louis Vuitton.