Michelle Williams wardrobe malfunction

Every now and again, our brittle black heart grinds to a beat and we feel bad about having to write negative coverage of people we think are awesome–we never want to make fun of ladies like Jennifer Lawrence or Jessica Chastain, for example, because we’re genuinely (/embarrassingly) stoked when smart, funny, talented people get famous.

Which is to say, we think Michelle Williams has smarts, comedic timing, and talent in spades. She’s a fantastic actress! She’s beautiful and she takes a lot of risks on the red carpet (many of which pay off). We wish we could only write blindly supportive things about how great we think she is.

But her underwear* is showing:

Michelle Williams

This is Williams last night at the premiere of Oz the Great and Powerful.

Of course, the real tragedy here is how great she looks in every other capacity. The hair and makeup are flawless, the dress is unusual and flattering.

But, no matter. The real problem is that peek of underwear. Obviously we’re relieved she didn’t forgo under things entirely in this situation, but best case scenario would have been the same dress with a more practical slit.

Let’s live in a pretend-world where this looks exists from the waist up:

Michelle Williams Oz the great and powerful premiere


Well, anyway. We’re bummed because we think she’s awesome–and usually impeccably dressed. Can’t win ’em all.

*Conspiracy theorists are welcome to assert it’s part of the dress; we don’t see how that changes anything.

(Photos via Getty)