It’s hard being the daughter of a rock star. Sure you grow up with access to wealth, privilege, and career opportunities most people can only dream of, but it’s a trade off. I mean, you also have to worry about your 68-year-old father out-shining you on your wedding day. Have you ever worried about that? I didn’t think so.

Jade Jagger got married over the weekend to DJ Adrian Fillary (who? yeah, I don’t know either), and it was a classy event full of rock royalty and aristocrats and such. She looked lovely in a wedding dress she designed herself, but I can’t help passing over her visually for Mick Jagger in all the photos they are in together, because he is Mick Jagger. And, as you can see in the greatest wedding photo of all time (which we do not own the rights to but which you should definitely click on and look at), because he wore a purple fucking Willy Wonka suit, with stripes. Your daughter is trying to have a career and a wedding, dude. At least give her a fraction of a chance that people will look at her dress!

And can we talk about the look on Bianca Jagger‘s face for a second? It says so many things about how she feels about her daughter marrying a DJ, as well as how she feels about posing for a photo with a dude who almost definitely did some really bad things to her back in the day. It’s okay, Bianca. You are the best-dressed person in that photo, and your hat is fabulous, and that DJ will hopefully treat your daughter very well. Now please stop looking at me like that.

(Via The Telegraph UK)