It may have seemed somewhat surprising that Dior chose Mila Kunis to appear in their spring campaign for Dior handbags, but apparently the campaign was a success, because she is back again.

This time Kunis steps in to be the face of the fall/winter ad campaign for the Miss Dior handbag line. Although WWD is labeling the look for the shoot as a “Fifties Hollywood star,” it’s hard to see anything but Jackie O. staring back at you. Between the conservative yet glamorous attire, the classic 1950’s hairstyle and the sunglasses in her hand, it is all very reminiscent of Jackie O. before her life got complicated.

Check out the sunglasses.

The ads will be debuting in Elle Hong Kong’s issue next month, and by September will make their way into other magazines including Vogue Paris and Vanity Fair.

Shot in L.A. by Mario Sorrenti and styled by Carine Roitfeld, the photos set the mood of a young starlet being hounded by the ever-present and in your face paparazzi. It’s beautifully shot and a great concept considering the image she’s portraying, but what doesn’t make sense is why the paparazzi is on the balcony with Kunis as she appears to be waving for a cab. It’s not as though she’s waving to anyone; it certainly looks like she’s trying to get a cab to stop and save her from her hotel room several stories up — her hotel room where the paparazzi are hanging out stalking her? Maybe that’s just how things happened in the 1950’s and no one bothered to tell us until now? I’m not sure why something like that would have been kept a secret. I think we would have been able to handle that type of information.


Photos: WWD