oz great powerful

Oh, God, there was actually a reason that Mila Kunis was strutting around in OZ wearing a leather bustier! It wasn’t just that filmmakers assume that every time Mila Kunis is in anything she should be wearing something that is sexy, sexy, sexy, all the time. Though filmmakers do seem to have decided that Mila Kunis should always look sexy, so I’m really looking forward to her playing, say, Helen Keller.

However, her costume in Oz, does have people, like writers at SheKnows, exclaiming “when it comes to sex appeal, Mila is broom lengths ahead of her sister witches.” It’s hard to say “witches don’t dress that way” because witches are not real, but Vanity Fair does have an explanation for the costume.

Apparently, Oz was made by Disney, however, Warner Brothers owns the rights to the original movie. According to Vanity Fair:

“The drawings went through legal,” says [costume designer] Jones. While most of the time the elements were deemed too universal to copyright, sometimes there was a conflict. “There may have been a question about [the Wicked Witch’s] hat. But it is very different—in scale and in material—and there was a question as to whether we could use the wimple and neck treatment.” Ultimately, they decided against it.”

So, what was not copyrighted was a sexy leather busier, so, okay! Okay, well, that makes some kind of sense, now.

Picture via Oz The Great and Powerful