It has been a long time since I tried to mentally command one of Miley Cyrus‘ costumes to teleport itself into my closet, but this shimmery green Giambattista Valli gown she wore last night in Monaco to perform at the 2014 World Music Awards needs desperately to come live with me. (I will pet it and love it and name it George.) It’s one of her best looks since she first stunned us at last year’s Met Gala in a slinky Marc Jacobs and wound up on the best-dressed list.

That green is a phenomenal color on her, and the way it shimmers must have looked absolutely radiant under stage lights. Her hair and makeup also look spectacular. Her platinum hair seems to have taken on a cool, silvery cast lately, and I find it very pretty. (This is why so many platinum blondes wash their hair with purple shampoo.)

She kept the surprisingly classy theme going for the rest of the evening, too. Cyrus was nominated for 14 awards at the event, and she accepted her winnings in this amazingly elegant silver gown from Kaufman Franco.


She looks a little bit like a disco ball, but an extremely elegant, high end, couture disco ball. Oddly, in this picture her hair appears to be more gold in the front and silver in the back. Now I’m thinking how much I’d like to see her whole head in that silvery gray shade.

Miley Cyrus looks fantastic. It’s been a long time since we’ve liked her clothes this much. In fact, the last time was back in November when she wore a monastic space queen outfit in Berlin. Miley Cyrus spends so much time trying to shock us with “scandalous” things like pot leaf jumpsuits and thong bikinis (and demonstrating novelty sex toys on Twitter and putting a stranger’s underwear in her mouth) that those things have gotten kind of boring for most of us. But as a side effect of that, whenever she pulls out her fashion skills–of which she has many–we’re all genuinely shocked. Maybe that’s part of her plan.

(Photos: Getty)