miley cyrus jingle ball

Is Miley Cyrus angling for a new job? Disney is apparently working on a movie about Cruella de Vil, and the former Hannah Montana would not be a terrible choice for the title role, as evidenced by last night’s appearance at Y100’s Jingle Ball in Sunrise, Florida.

Miley wore her signature high-cut leotard and Gwen Stefani hair balls, but this time she accessorized by tying a flannel shirt around her waist and covering the whole affair with a white fur coat that looks like a spot-on replica of the one Cruella swans around in while she’s waiting for her lovely spotted one to be made.

We assume this is Miley’s way of saying she won’t be doing one of those sexy naked PETA ads any time soon.

miley cyrus fur coat

The weirdest thing about Miley’s option is that she’s wearing it in Florida. She’s been in Berlin in the winter in practically a bathing suit, but now she’s in Florida wearing a coat big enough to rescue the entire cast of March of the Penguins.

miley cyrus fur coat 2

And again we come to the fraught issue of the flannel shirt tied around the waist. I used to do that because everyone did that in the 90s and I thought it would make my hips look smaller. (Spoiler: It did not.) But even then, it was just because it had become too hot to wear like a normal shirt. I am totally becoming a grumpy old lady about this flannel shirt tied around the waist thing.

The dangly puffball earrings are festive, but they seem dangerous. She might have run into a PETA protest, and then someone would have ripped them right off of her.

(Photos via WENN)