Like it or not, Miley Cyrus is on fire. A hundred million times more people clicked stories about her mind-numbing twerktroversy than stories about how we were maybe about to bomb Syria, and as far as I can tell, that “can’t stop” any time soon. This is bad for the obvious reasons, but also good, because she gets interviewed a lot, and in these interviews she says hilariously grandiose things about herself.

Case in point: in a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Miley chimed in to let us know that we will never be as fashion as her, no matter hard we try, even if she’s just wearing her damn gym clothes:

“I feel like every girl is trying to have a beauty shot and prove that they’re ‘fashion.’ But I can be in white leggings and a white sports bra and I’m on a whole other level of shit that those girls don’t even get yet because they don’t know how to do it.”

Do you hear that, girls? Miley Cyrus is on a whole other level of shit. She sits atop Shit Tower gazing down at her people, who can but masturbate feverishly to dreams of someday being on as high a level of shit as she. Miley Cyrus IS fashion, the concept. You might think she was born in 1992, but she has actually existed since the dawn of human history, only recently taking corporeal form.

She also makes sure to let the interviewer know that most of her friends are guys, because that shows how totally cool and drama-free she is. Cool, I hate my own gender too! We should be friends, except neither of us likes to be friends with women, so it wouldn’t work.

In other news, the cover was shot by Miley’s favorite dude Terry Richardson, a great photographer for empowered young women to work with.

(Via HuffPost)

Photo: Harper’s Bazaar