Miley Cyrus And Tish Cyrus At Trader Joes

Sometimes when I get dressed to go to Trader Joe’s, I hear my mother’s voice in my head telling me to wear more color because I look like I’m going to a sad person’s funeral. I guess she has a point, so I scour my closet for a pop of color like a nude bra or my boyfriend’s socks to try to lighten the mood a bit. I found some inspiration in this photo of Miley Cyrus wearing a matching, money-patterned skirt and crop top (sports bra?) to do some grocery shopping at TJ’s.

It’s kind of a zany outfit (the internet is calling it outrageous and The Huffington Post wonders if it’s social commentary), but I really like it. She looks fun and happy and bless her heart if she wants to wear a wild pattern while buying her Avocado’s Number or Trader Giotto’s Lasagna.

If you like the finer things in life but can’t afford them because you have a liberal arts degree and insist on living in a major city, you might consider some tasteful, Miley-inspired garments and accessories that give the illusion of excessive wealth. Here’s ten items under $100 that are simply covered in money, for when you’re feeling fancy.

Photo: WENN[ITPGallery]