miley cyrus marc jacobs

There are few things the fashion industry loves more than utilizing celebrities’ naked bodies for “charity” (though, to be fair, so does PETA). It was therefore no surprise last night when Miley Cyrus tweeted the new t-shirt she is on for Marc Jacobs‘ Protect The Skin You’re In campaign.

Proceeds for Cyrus’ shirt, as well as the rest of the line with other naked celebrities’ images on the them, such as Heidi Klum, will go to the NYU Skin Cancer Institute.

Cyrus also tweeted this:

While it’s great that they are collaborating on a project that has proceeds going to help fund skin cancer research, it is incredibly self-congratulatory to be all HEY I’M HELPING SO MANY PEOPLE all over Twitter; it kind of comes off as though you really, really need everyone else to know you’re doing something good for the world so they can high-five you. You don’t. Just do good things. And if you make millions of dollars per year, maybe donate a large chunk of that straight to charity instead of simply posing naked for a shirt because it’s ~*so edgy*~? Meh, regardless, it is great that Marc Jacobs and Cyrus teamed up for this; hopefully, it will sell well and contribute considerably to research.

They cost $35, which is considerably more reasonable than most of the shirts designers create with celebrities (sup, Kanye/APC). If you happen to be into buying one, they are available at Marc Jacobs Collection and Marc by Marc Jacobs stores in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and more. The shirt with male celebrities says, “Protect your largest organ” with the “T” over the penis so, you know…there’s that if you’re into it.

Photo via Marc Jacobs.