miley cyrus naked w cover leakedSomething’s distinctly off about W‘s March cover featuring Miley Cyrus, but I can’t quite place it. Perhaps it’s the mix of heavy jewelry, lack of eyebrows, bleached hair, and dazed expression? Let’s get into it.

When discussing the cover with my coworkers, we all saw an immediate resemblance to Lady Gaga when she’s looking her most Donatella, so what we have here is Miley dressed up as Gaga dressed up as Donatella. I’m into it. I also supposed her dazed expression is meant to be some sort of bedroom eyes thing? Very sexy.

Cyrus’ nudity is not at all exciting since it’s just a body (and one that trots itself around partially nude frequently), but I am sort of confused about this whole eyebrow situation. It’s not particularly novel–we saw Cyrus with bleached brows back in November, but is this what high fashion is nowadays? We can’t even have our eyebrows? It’s really amazing how not having eyebrows changes a person’s face so drastically–she’s barely recognizable. It’s an interesting play on all the contouring we think of as normal but that also changes people’s facial structures; we simply think of contouring as a typical way of altering a person. Despite it being dramatic, it’s largely invisible. Bleaching Cyrus’s eyebrows was a new way to spin that.

Despite all of my harping about eyebrows and whatnot, I actually think this might be my favorite Miley cover of all time. I don’t know. It’s different, weird, alien, and beautiful, which is much more than I’ve come to expect from the girl who wears mesh body suits with furry arms.

Photo: Twitter