Miley Cyrus photographed by Terry Richardson

Oh, dear. Well, here we are again, guys. Talking about Miley Cyrus. Talking about Miley Cyrus and her gratuitous photos. Again. If a picture is worth 1000 words, how much is an explicit shot of a sad-looking 20-year-old worth? Bonus points if you factor in the creepy old man who took them — naturally, it was Terry Richardson. Yes, that Terry, whom one of our own past writers described an alarmingly creepy situation with years ago.

In the pictures, Miley poses all over some New York City hotel room/gross apartment building wearing not very much clothing.

Miley Cyrus photographed by Terry Richardson

It’s like an American Apparel photo shoot, except…wait, no, never mind. This is exactly like an American Apparel photo shoot. The rest of the photos are in “Terry’s Diary,” including images of Cyrus sucking down ice cream and smoking cigarettes, so feel free to visit there if you want to feel like no soap can adequately clean your brain.

This whole thing is weird, because as much as I want to just ignore the crap out of this situation because one can do whatever she wants to do with her body, I can’t. Every time I look at photos taken by Terry Richardson — no matter whom his subject may be — I get sad. Why is he still working? I wonder. How does he still have friends? It is like in high school when the meanest kid with the cruelest sneer inexplicably still maintained a solid friend group. Except Richardson is an adult man (in theory, at least) with seemingly no gauge on appropriate, respectful behavior.

In this instance, I somewhat doubt Cyrus was mistreated for two reasons: (1) she’s doing the same poses she always does in just slightly less clothes than usual and (2) I have very little doubt that she didn’t have bodyguards with her. (Obviously, if she said she was mistreated, I would not doubt that for a second.) Regardless, I am still 100% opposed to Richardson getting — well, frankly, any kind of work. At all.

Photos: Terry Richardson’s Tumblr.