A gin and tonic is probably what the doctor ordered, right? According to Miley Cyrus‘ imaginary internal medical advisor whose name is probably Dr. Sexyrus, at least. Apparently, after 9 days of hanging out at the hospital due to what her reps have called an allergic reaction to antibiotics, Miley is already partying with her fellow celebrities in London.

According to TMZ, Miley and supermodel Kate Moss were partying it up at Madame Jojo’s nightclub in SoHo, which is almost like doing rehabilitative therapy for somebody whose lifestyle is like Miley’s. After all, doing body shots off a sexy go-go dancer dressed in a full neon green spandex suit is essentially the same as working out one’s muscles and building their strength. (I have no idea if this is what Miley Cyrus does, but it’s what I like to imagine I would do if I were her.)

Miley Cyrus Is Partying Around London In A Versace Bra & Underwear, Because Vodka's Basically Like Medicine, Right?

Of course, Miley had to make her public partying appearance in something befitting of a return like this, so she opted to wear a Versace Versus bra and boxer set. There’s no doubt in my mind that it is something Justin Bieber would totally wear if he were a 20-something-year-old female pop star, but hey–at least it looks fairly comfortable, right? She also chose a pair of tights to go under them and a plaid shirt to go overtop a la Hey Arnold, so that completes this fashion travesty that is still strangely normal-seeming, if only because it is being worn by Miley Cyrus.

As you may recall from what seems like an ancient ELLE Magazine cover (okay, fine, it was like four weeks ago), Miley is surprisingly great at wearing clothes! Still, she would not quite be Miley if she started wearing pajama jeans, pencil skirts and fabrics that don’t stretch so tightly over her torso, you can see her organs and/or nipples. And that is why she’s so regularly entertaining (well, among other things)! Here’s hoping she actually gets better though–I’m pretty sure the aforementioned vodka/neon/body shot situation is probably not on the “get well soon” memo from her team of docs.

Photos: WENN.com