Miley Cyrus Scout Tallulah Willis NipplesIt’s a common fact that Miley Cyrus has a less-is-more approach to clothing in photo shoots, and well, life. Similarly, we know that the Willis sisters are proud supporters of #FreeTheNipple and don’t have a problem with going topless. It should come as no surprise that when Miley got together with Tallulah and Scout Willis there was an impromptu semi-naked photo shoot involved.

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It’s more surprising to find out that Miley, Tallulah and Scout are friends than to find out there was some partial nudity involved in their get together. Fashion photographer Mert Alas was the one who shot the risque photos and uploaded them to Instagram.

In a group shot, Miley is sitting on a chair wearing some strapless sheer body stocking and blazer with both of her nipples out. The Willis sisters are both posing on a table. Scout is wearing a tuxedo jacket and short shorts. She is staring into the camera and has one boob exposed. Tallulah decided against the black dress code and the nipple exposing. She is wearing a fitting gray dress and laughing while she poses on all fours on the table. Mert kept the shot semi-Instagram-friendly by covering the exposed nipples with red stars.

Miley Cyrus Nipple Disco Ball

There are a few more pics taken from the night where the group experiment with other ways to get away with going topless on social media. In a solo shot, Miley is lifting up her jacket to reveal her left boob and they’ve put a massive jewel over top. (Miley’s already done the disco ball nipple pasties so they wanted to try something different.) In another NSFW shot, Mert is using a thumb to cover up Miley’s nipple.

I doubt that this unplanned photo shoot had anything to do with a new #FreeTheNipple campaign but there are lots of nipples so they are promoting it in some way.

(Photos: Instagram/MertAlas)