She can’t be tamed, y’all!

In the summer 2013 issue of V Magazine, Miley Cyrus can be seen “pushing the boundaries” of former child star propriety in some rather statement-y get-ups. Her accoutrements include ’80s punk spikes, ’90s jazzercise clothes, a pink mohawk, underboob, and many, many abs. She also wears that great bugaboo of the nineties, pre-distressed jeans, and even tries out a bit of androgyny in some men’s underwear. If she’s trying to get a bicurious female following, it’s working…this is the hottest I have ever found her. (I’m easy like that.)

What with all the screaming loud fashions and efforts at gender-bending on display, I’m a little (but not too) surprised most of the coverage of this so far has focused on how much skin she is showing. What kind of crazy shit does she have to wear to become known for her bold fashion risk taking? Click through to see this stupid sexy clusterfuck in all its gaudy glory.

(Via Buzznet)