Miley Cyrus has been trying to shock everyone with sexy stunts like demonstrating a giant novelty sex toy for her fans on Twitter and motorboating her dancers for so long that when she has a legitimate wardrobe malfunction, nobody notices.

Miley Cyrus was performing a show in Milwaukee last night as part of her Bangerz tour, and when it came time for her to perform her song, “23,” she ran out onstage in just a shiny bra, panties, and tennis shoes. It was a new costume for Cyrus, but not so crazy that anybody thought anything of it. Her bra and panties just looked like a new, skimpier-than-normal costume. Except it wasn’t a costume, it was a colossal wardrobe fuck-up that would have stopped the show for a more shy performer.

Miley Cyrus revealed after the concert that she didn’t actually have a new costume for the “23” number, she had just failed to make it through a quick-change in time for the number to start and had to run out on stage in her actual underwear.



We have to hand it to her, she did a good job of just powering through the wardrobe cock-up. It reminds us of the impressive time Britney Spearszipper broke on stage and her costume fell open. Her backup dancers panicked and hurried to fix it, but Britney just kept dancing like she didn’t know it was going on. Wardrobe screw-ups happen to everyone, and the best performers just keep going, even if they’re naked.

Cyrus got off lucky in that her wardrobe malfunction left her nearly as clothed as she might otherwise have been. According to fan videos of her performances of “23” from other concerts, Miley’s normal outfit for that number is a just a bra and panties under a big pair of chaps. We actually hate the hell out of those chaps and consider this wardrobe malfunction to be a significant sartorial improvement.

(Photo: Twitter/MileyCyrusNews)