Sometimes, combining 2 trends to showcase in a 1 piece of clothing works. Sometimes, it can be disastrous. Take for example this military ruffled dress from Forever21.


To top part is military inspired with a faux placket and military buttons on the front then the ruffled trim at the hem. Honestly, without the buttons in the front, it would look ok with the riffled hem. Only slightly. So even then you’re walking on a thin line. Then you add the buttons and the whole dress just turn into a disaster.

But what if they used a different kind or design of buttons like flat rounds ones? Hmmm, interesting question. It would still look weird to me but it wouldn’t be so bad compare to the ones they used now. It would still probably bew a Nay in my book.

So what’s your take on this military ruffled dress? Is it a Yar or Nay?

(Image : Forever21)