I’ve often* mused about the fact that it’s possible, in some alternate universe, that famous people don’t give a shit what bloggers have to say.

I can’t say that I understand why that would be; after all, we writers of the online word are known for being fair, judicious and thoughtful when it comes to our dealings with celebrities.

Even so, it seems we have a hater on our hands. Milliner Philip Treacy, of fallopian-tube hat fame, recently revealed to The Guardian how he felt about the treatment that Princess Beatrice got whilst donning his contraption:

I felt hurt for her. She is only 22 and there was a little bit of bullying going on. I didn’t give a fuck about 140,000 bloggers. In the future, we’ll look back and think she looked wild.

I should probably be offended by this, given the fact that I was one of those 140,000 (I suspect this is an estimation) bloggers. But honestly, there is something sort of endearing, in a strange, masochistic (on my part) way, about Treacy’s little rant. Most bloggers will acknowledge that a lot of what gets said in this wacky world of the internet is knee-jerk reaction. We see a hat, we think it looks like a reproductive organ, we write it.

So to see someone come right out and say that they don’t give a fuck…well, it’s refreshing, really.

Besides, Treacy had a good example of what not giving a fuck looks like in the princess herself, who handled the whole debacle with a panache and grace that most of us could only dream of. So, our non-hats are off to you, sir, and we will see you on our next snarky voyage around one of your clients’ heads.