mind control dress

And it comes with some sort of story about robots! Designed by Nange Magro, an MA student at London College of Fashion, the dress lights up and opens up (like a flower) depending on levels of brain concentration. They’re recieved through an electroencephalographic chip, that can read signals via sensors that are implanted in the hat. So, basically, this is a fun excuse to wear a hat! But how do you concentrate properly? Nange claims:

‘It does take a little bit of practice to be aware and control it. Through my early testing on the electronic part of the project, I have found out that at the start, for some people helps to concentrate on maths calculations and for others it is useful concentrating on visualising a picture, but the method which seems to help the most is reading.”

Basically, I would worry about my dress flying open every time I picked up a magazine. But also, that would be the coolest thing ever. If this appeals to you, you can check out Nange’s work at his website.

– Via The Daily Mail

[vimeo video=”35539485″]

Mechapolypse -Mind Controlled Dress- from nange magro on Vimeo.