Well, here’s a celebrity pairing nobody could have seen coming: on her blog today, Mindy Kaling writes about her affinity for jewelry — specifically, the jewelry designed by former Paris Hilton BFF Nicole Richie, for House of Harlow. Kaling writes:

When Nicole Richie started her House of Harlow jewelry line, I flipped. I love Nicole’s jewelry sensibilities. Aztec, tribal, deco, she is inspired by some much that’s cool. And the price points are always reasonable.

They’re also great jewelry for day to night. I’ve worn a pair of half-moon shaped earrings to Sunday lunch and also to Jenna Fischer’s fancy bachelorette party at Nobu. (At this party I coincidentally ran into Nicole Richie, whom I excitedly interrupted on her date night with her husband to show her my earrings. Sorry Nicole, I’m afraid that’s what you get for making these show-offable earrings. Joel, to you I do apologize sincerely).

This doesn’t seem like any sort of sponsored post, nor does it really make sense that Mindy Kaling would be randomly sponsoring House of Harlow, unless she wanted some free shit, or, I guess, is getting paid to write about it…but come on. That’s not what Mindy Kaling is all about. She’s funny. She’s smart. She’s one of us.

And that means we should all be wearing House of Harlow.