mindy lahiri

Happy 35th birthday to the marvelous Mindy Kaling! We’re in love with her wit, we’re inspired by her strong voice, and we’re completely obsessed with her bold, rule-breaking fashion choices— both on The Mindy Project and in real life. To honor our girlcrush and her made-for-TV persona, we’re going to take a journey through her style, comparing Mindy Lahiri‘s fashion to the IRL Mindy’s.

FOX 2014 Programming Presentation

Kaling wore this light blue romper to a Fox event in May, and we love the way she paired a jewel toned lip with such a flattering base color. This outfit is so very her.

mindy lahiri's pink vest

And here’s Mindy Lahiri, being the lovable genius-dork we all want to grab drinks with. This outfit isn’t exactly red carpet worthy, but considering how her vest is that same color as her lipstick in the photo above, it’s obvious that the costume department understands what shades work for her.

2014 Tribeca Film Festival After Party For "Alex of Venice" At The Cabanas At The Maritime

Mindy attended this year’s Tribeca Film Festival (along with date/costar/hottie Chris Messina) wearing badass leather pants under this sexy top and black blazer. Super hot.

mindy lahiri's houndstooth cardigan

Mindy Lahiri knows how to rock black, too, but her wardrobe is a little more subtle than her IRL counterpart’s. I would totally wear this cardigan to work, whereas her sexy suit jacket is something I’d fantasize about wearing to a Hollywood event.

Hulu's Upfront Presentation

Kind of similar to her blue romper above, this two-piece dress shows off Mindy Kaling’s ability to make solid colors look outgoing.

mindy lahiri's american girl dress

Mindy Lahiri shows her boldness in a different way– by wearing calmer colors in cool patterns. This outfit reminds me of an American Girl Samantha doll. In a good way.

Fox's "Girls Night Out" - Arrivals

And even though the real Mindy doesn’t need a busy pattern to stand out, this dress seems to combine all of her different tastes into one. It’s got the bold color, it’s got the uninhibited pattern, it’s got the sexy makeup.

mindy lahiri's green coat

Here’s Mindy Lahiri equivalent, which accomplishes a similar goal to the photo above, just with a more understated color palette. I’d totally wear this to work.

Awardsline/Deadline Screening Of "The Mindy Project"

IRL Mindy took this awesome dress as her date to a screening of The Mindy Project, and the wild print and splotches of bright color won me over immediately. It’s cliché to say that only she could pull this off… but only she could pull this off.

mindy lahiri's blue sweater

And here’s Mindy Lahiri, kicking ass in an understated sweater over a collared shirt. Her outfits tend to be safe, reasonable, and realistic, but she’s such a Business Bitch that they still look awesome. Kudos. To both Mindys.

We hope Mindy– and her wardrobe– have a fantastic 35th year. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. Happy birthday, girl!

Photos: FOX’s The Mindy Project, Getty Images