ELLE's Annual Women In Television CelebrationGood news, everyone. Mindy Kaling is going to be featured in Vogue. Sure, she’s not on the cover, but it’s still a win for Kaling fans and people with bodies everywhere. I finally have a reason to purchase a hard copy of a magazine for the first time in ages.

The writer/actress/producer/bff-to-the-world tweeted a sneak peak pic of the feature and she looks marvelous as styled by Sara Moonves and photographed on the Universal Studios lot by Norman Jean Roy.

See for yourself:

mindy kaling vogue

Here are the things to love about the shot:

  • Those polka dot pumps are to die for.
  • The colorful dress is so very glam and very Mindy Kaling.
  • She isn’t wearing a mumu or huge coat to conceal her body.
  • They show her entire body, rather than just cropping her face.
  • A side ponytail that looks decidedly not tacky and 80s.
  • It doesn’t look like they photoshopped her too hard to be thinner and lighter skinned.
  • Vogue has her seated in a director’s chair because she’s a boss.

Things to hate about the shot:

  • They call her curvaceous and any variation of the word “curvy” makes me want to barf.
  • The word “comedienne” is ridiculous. She’s a comedian.
  • The lighting looks pretty harsh.
  • The way she’s posing looks wicked uncomfortable.
  • She’s not on the cover.
  • The issue isn’t out right now.
  • I don’t get to wear those pumps.

I can’t be the only person fan-girling out over this? Everyone is excited, right? Vogue and all fashion magazines need to start featuring more varied types of bodies. Mindy Kaling’s bod looks more like mine than anyone else I’ve seen in Vogue in the past billion issues.

Photos: Getty & Twitter