miranda kerr

A lot of us get flack for not calling home enough, but some parents have taken that pressure way too far. Miranda Kerr’s family got together for a documentary about how fame “stole” their daughter, and now I’m achingly embarrassed on behalf of a Victoria’s Secret supermodel.

According to The Telegraph, Miranda Kerr’s mother, father, brother, and grandmother all went on an Australian TV show called Family Confidential to complain that the supermodel has become too distant and doesn’t call or visit enough and they haven’t seen enough of her baby. Considering that she is one of the most famous models in the entire world and is also running and promoting an organic skincare company, they might understand that she’s a little busy. Still, they say, she could pick up a phone every once in a while.

“Miranda’s life is so different now [and] she’s surrounded by ‘yes’ people all the time. It’s so important for me to be real, to be true, to be who she needs me to be,” said Kerr’s mother, Therese.

I can just see my own parents sitting down to tell a cameraman about how the glamorous, fast-paced world of blogging stole their daughter, and I have never been so glad to not be famous.

Kerr’s father John complained that Miranda gets in contact so rarely that it was actually Orlando Bloom who called them in November to say he and Miranda were divorcing.

Then they both said they wished their daughter were “a normal, everyday girl.” You know, instead of a fabulously wealthy, jet-setting supermodel who can do whatever the hell she wants with her life. Miranda Kerr is so rich she could retire tomorrow and never need to work again. It can pretty safely be assumed that if she has not done so, it is because she likes what she is doing.

Of course, their complaint mostly seems to come down to wanting to play with the baby more.

“Our little Flynny doesn’t know what it’s like to walk outside without paparazzi,” Therese said of Kerr’s 3-year-old son, Flynn.

“I miss the baby and I think he’s missing out on family,” Miranda Kerr’s grandmother said.

This kind of whining is to be expected from parents, especially when those parents are new grandparents. But not on TV! Jeez. I never thought there’d be something to say for the passive-aggressive email or the drunk mom text, but those are way better options than going on TV to publicly complain to the world that your kid doesn’t visit enough.