Although she’s not exactly known for her winning style, that hasn’t stopped Mischa Barton from trying to make herself into a fashion designer. First it was her line of headbands in 2008, then just last year she tried to make a go of it once again with a line of handbags.

While I’m sure many of you are scratching your head and wondering how you did not know about these former attempts, I’d like to tell you that you’re not alone. This is all news to me, too. But since three times tends to be the charm for some, Barton is up to the plate once again, but this time with clothes. The items range in price from $65 to upwards of $310 (for her signature jacket that is supposedly sold out), and gives everyone a chance to own a pair of $100 leggings designed by the former O.C. star.

If any of these pieces tickle your fancy, you can purchase them at her e-commerce site, “Mischa’s Place” (which sounds like a mildly erotic thriller), and you can feel the giddiness that comes with owning an article of clothing “designed” by an actress. However, I must point out that as someone who once saw her in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in mid-summer rocking a black t-shirt covered in wolves and black balloon pants, I’ a little scared. But if it keeps her out of trouble and busy until they make the movie version of the O.C., then good for her.

You can see the big unveiling on VH1’s Styled By June series premiere on Monday.