When we think about it, Barbie was probably one of the first fashion icons for many of us. Just think about how excited you were when you saw a new Barbie with a cool new outfit. And you probably had a pink suitcase full of different looks for your dolls. If you want to channel your love of Barbie as an adult, Missguided is launching a Barbie-inspired collection so you can be the one to dress up for a change.

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There have been a number of different Barbie collections from different brands, but this is one you’re definitely going to want to check out. Of course there is plenty of pink, but the collection isn’t too sugary sweet. There are a whopping 43 pieces in the range and they incorporate Missguided’s cool girl vibe so what you end up with is some trendy pieces. Think oversized themed T-shirts, pink quilted backpacks and Barbie crop tops.

There are also some surprising pieces including oversized denim jackets with the Barbie logo on the back and a sheer black top with a contrasting pink logo pattern. There is even a classic green camo pattern in the line.

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Barbie girls don’t have to wait long to shop the collection. It will drop online on July 13.

The Missguided Barbie collection will launch on July 13.

Update: You can shop the Missguided Barbie collection online now on the Missguided website.