dr. zhivagoYou guys, spring is almost here. Well, based on the calendar it should be almost here, but that whole climate change is fucking it all up. It wouldn’t be surprising is New York City got a Nor’easter in mid-April.

Either way, winter is about to be a distant memory, for a few months anyway, and in losing winter we’ll lose the opportunity to wear the clothes of that season. Unless, of course, you were planning on rocking wool in June which is cool if that’s your jam, but it might do a number on your sweat glands and sanity.

Summer is lovely because you do get to wear less clothing, but winter clothes leave more to the imagination, are far more cozy, and actually, more romantic than your summer wear. If this weren’t true, Dr. Zhivago would have been set in Puerto Rico.

Photo: Photo: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer