Winter time is totally here. And while you’re looking fabulous and warm in that new coat, hat and scarf, you may have missed a spot.


What good is getting a manicure if your hands are going to be too cold and chapped from the raging winter winds to show it off? You’ll have to buy something that keeps them warm, but which option do you choose?


Nothing conjures up wintertime fun and innocence like a pair of mittens.


We’re talking the leather, wool or space aged kind. Not the type you wear to high tea.


Is that a word? It probably is. I combination of both gloves and mittens, glittens claim to have the best of both worlds. But is it possible to find a cute pair?

We took to the streets. And by that, we mean we emailed our friends that were known mitten/glove/glitten enthusiasts (it’s cold out there!) and here’s what they had to say:

Says a mittens user of mittens:

I’m a practical person. I choose mittens over gloves because they are better at keeping my hands warm.

Says a mittens user of gloves:

I thought the whole point of buying something to cover your hands was to KEEP THEM WARM! Gloves don’t do that. Unless you are at a crime scene, I see little use for gloves. The individual fingers get turned around and it takes FOREVER to get them just so you can put your hand in there. So your hand is frozen from the get go. Plus, I lose them more easily. I don’t know why, I just do.

Says a glove user of gloves:

Gloves are ladylike and classic. You need never take them off to find your lip gloss, keys or business card.

Says a glove user of mittens:

Gross! It’s like packing 25 people into one elevator and then just leaving them there for hours! Also, how many times have you seen a person bite their mitten to take out the sweaty hand to find keys in their pocket or whatever? So, if you live in New York, you just put the whole of New York IN YOUR MOUTH! Congratulations, you are going to die of some mystery New York germ disease. I hope it will be slow and painful. I’ll wear gloves to your funeral.

Says a glitten user:

I have no idea why there is even a debate. The winner is clearly glittens.

Is it? IS IT, THOUGH?!

You tell us. Either way here are some lovely options for all three.