ModCloth Swimsuit Campaign 1The latest ad campaigns have done a good job at showing a wider variety of ages and body shapes. Saint Laurent featured 71-year-old Joni Mitchell in their latest campaign and JD Williams brought new meaning to the phrase “over 50 shades of grey” by using models with natural gray hair who were over 50-years-old in their Valentine’s Day campaign. ModCloth newest campaign is another brilliant body positive photo shoot.

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ModCloth picked nine of their employees to star in their online swimwear campaign. Swimsuits are one item of clothing that many people hate shopping for, just like bras and groceries. It doesn’t help when a lot of the swimwear campaigns feature tanned supermodels, who have even had a bit of airbrushing. That is why it is so great to see real women of all different shapes and sizes looking gorgeous modeling retro-inspired bathing suits by Esther Williams.ModCloth Swimsuit CampaignModCloth CCO Susan Gregg Koger, (who is in the campaign), told Refinery 29, that she hopes women look at the campaign and feel more positive about themselves:

“If there’s one message I’d like women to take from our campaign, it’s that our bodies are diverse and that’s a wonderful thing, not something to be ashamed of.”

This isn’t ModCloth’s first body positive campaign, nor will it be the last. Last year, they were one of the first retailers to sign a petition about limiting using Photoshop in their campaigns. We also can’t forget about their brilliant #FashionTruth revolution that is making a difference in the way women shop. It’s great to see a brand creating ads that boost our self-esteem and show real women looking gorgeous. With swimsuit season (hopefully) coming soon, this is what we should be seeing more of. Hopefully other companies will follow suit.

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