Behati Prinsloo with bras

As a result of being both a Victoria’s Secret model and Adam Levine‘s fianceeBehati Prinsloo is nearly guaranteed to be in celebrity-related news constantly over the next several months (if not longer, but who knows). She seems like a pretty interesting person, given that she wears giraffes on her head, so this is a-okay with me. That, and she seems to be advocating for stuff I like. For example: going braless.

While talking to the NY Daily News, Prinsloo revealed that she tends to go without a bra (presumably when not making profoundly large amounts of money modeling them):

“I don’t see the huge hoo-ha around it,” she told Confidenti@l. “Everybody has the same. It’s a body, it’s beautiful,” she told us, though we beg to differ on all bodies being equal. She says, “Don’t go naked, but if you’re not wearing a bra and it’s appropriate,  totally.”

Good toss on the snide “we beg to differ” remark advocating for body superiority and inferiority complexes, NYDN, but other than that, I dig this sentiment. I mean, I’m of the opinion that people should be able to go topless in public places, but at the very least, braless should be a given. And hey: please don’t listen to anyone who says “certain” sizes shouldn’t go sans bra. To me, it’s infinitely more comfortable to do without (provided I’m not jogging around or hiking or something), so I high-five anybody else who’s also down, regardless of what size their boobs happen to have grown to since puberty.

Prinsloo does go on to note that, while she’s down with the braless thang, she also owns over fifty bras. Her favorites are lace and Levine “appreciates” them, which I think we all could have guessed on our own.

She also describes her personal style as “definitely more tomboy, but I do like to wear a summer dress. More like hippie-bohemian kind of tomboy.” Sounds like 90% of what celebrities wear at Coachella, which actually tends to be neither hippie nor bohemian nor tomboy nearly whatsoever, but more like what rich, famous people think hippies and bohemians dress like. But hey, to each her own. And Prinsloo’s “own” is actually pretty great most of the time, it seems.

Behati Prinsloo Erin Heatherton baby

Oh, and as an odd side note, does anybody else find this random photo of she and Erin Heatherton holding up a real live baby at a Victoria’s Secret event a little weird? It’s supposedly “a fan,” but I’m not sure if babies like sparkly hiphuggers with coordinated lettering; they tend to favor options of a more “diaper-like” quality.

Photos: Getty Images.