model fraudLike professional sports and acting, the modeling world is a notoriously tough industry to break in to. Young people with big dreams are willing to do whatever it takes to make it at any cost–everyone knows that, especially scummy crooks looking to make a buck. It’s a sad fact that many young hopefuls are taken advantage of by scam artists promising to help them achieve stardom.

Recently, a bunch of aspiring America’s Next Top Model contestants got hoodwinked by a fraudulent modeling casting call. It’s a convoluted tale, but basically, these model candidates thought they were going to be involved in a real event called Atlanta’s Next Top Model. The models were very excited, they were told that they would get two modelling contract, money for winning and their own television show. The girls sold tickets to their friends and family because they thought it was a real thing actually affiliated with CBS, but only because they were lied to and told that the event was affiliated with CBS. One said:

“I’ve been telling people CBS is going to be there recording it and it’s going to be a red carpet event and there’s going to be cameras. This is going to be televised, this is going to be something big.”

Only it wasn’t going to be something big.

After some of the models grew suspicious of the swindle, an undercover investigation by CBS46 exposed Atlanta’s Next Top Model to be big old flim-flam orchestrated by a man called Rod Bowling and his company aptly named Mastermind Media.

The Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection and Dunwoody police will be investigating the criminals behind the phony casting call. Perhaps if justice is served it will deter other sketchy deviants and scumbags from swindling naive young women with dreams of glamor and stardom. The tender part of me hopes that the models who were duped are not too discouraged by this whole ordeal, but the cynical jerk part of me hopes that they develop aspirations other than modeling which likely will not work out.

via CBS Atlanta//Image via Shutterstock