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Canadian supermodel Coco Rocha has reached the point in her career where she can work with just about anyone she wants. And here’s who she doesn’t want to work with: Terry Richardson, whom we outed as a gross creep who tries to get models to perform sexual favors. In an interview, Rocha said of Richardson, “I’ve shot with him, but I didn’t feel comfortable and I won’t do it again.”

It’s refreshing to hear someone like Rocha – who is hugely respected in the industry – speak out against Richardson, considering how many other models, editors, and photographers have defended him. Marc Jacobs blamed parents and other adults who don’t chaperone underage models (despite the fact that several models of majority age have lobbied complains against Richardson), and model-cum-Twilight-actress Noot Seear describes Richardson as a “great guy.” We commend Rocha for speaking out and using her fame as a way to educate people about Richardson’s all-around skeevitude. Working with douchey, pro-harassment photographers should not be a basic industry requirement.