So the little-known Dutch beauty Saskia de Brauw staged a coup by being the girl-only face of Carine Roitfeld’s final French Vogue.

Before this major moment for her, she hadn’t done much major work besides being the face/body of Eres swimwear. After she booked the Spring/Summer Givenchy campaign, designer Riccardo Tisci introduced her to his friend Carine. And the rest, as they say…

We became infatuated with Saskia when she opened G-Star RAW over NYFW: her strong features and level gaze nearly knocked us out of our seat. She’s angular and boyish with delicate features, like a combination of Freja Beha and Lara Stone.

But you know what we love most about her?

…She’s not a teenager!

Yup, Saskia came out of near-nowhere to land a French Vogue cover and she’s 29!

So, since she’s about to be huge, we’ve put together a little gallery so you can familiarize yourself with this one to watch.