White in her modeling days

Agent to the supes Carol White sat down with Liz Jones for a chat about all manner of controversies relating to the modeling world. White–who founded the Premier agency and reps Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, and Claudia Schiffer among others–notably used to represent Naomi Campbell. The two had a big falling out and White testified against Naomi for allegedly accepting blood diamonds from former president of Liberia, Charles Taylor. For White’s breakdown of what happened and the subsequent trial, visit the Mail.

In addition to, uh, war crimes, White discussed the changing shape of fashion models: nowadays she’s looking for girls with breasts, girls who are fit, and girls who are ‘ethereal.’

On model boyfriends:
“We take our duty of care ­seriously. But girls freak out, mainly because of boyfriends. You’d think these girls would have handsome boyfriends, but they don’t.  They date short men who are insecure and who become very controlling as they fear losing these girls who are always travelling, always meeting new ­people. That can be a nightmare.”

On industry changes:
“I now look for girls with breasts, and that is something we wouldn’t have countenanced ten years ago. Our biggest demand in the past two years has been for a D cup, but obviously you have to have a really fit body.  ‘Now, we talk to our models about nutrition, make sure they have a personal trainer. Even our language has changed. A decade ago, we would have just said: “Don’t eat!” ”

On Fashion Week stress and hardship: “I tell the girls they need to be as fit as Olympic athletes to make it. After New York, I have girls who are crying with exhaustion.”

On very young models: “I agree 16 is very young. And while in London we stick to the rules, and don’t use girls who are younger, that’s not the case in New York, Milan and Paris. You will see girls cast for the big names who are 14. That will never change.

On the ‘it factor’: “The girls have to be ethereal, like they were born in a different world. Only one in 10,000 has what it takes to be a model.”

…So. To break it down: a good model of the moment is a 16-year-old Olympic athlete with D-cup breasts who doesn’t date tiny men and looks like a space alien. Go figure.