We all know fashion is “cool”, and a lot of people still think smoking is “cool”, so that must mean that smoking in fashion is “cool” squared! At least DSquared2 thought so at their Milan show this week, where models with 60’s style beehives and cat-eye glasses smoked cigarettes as they strolled the catwalk. We’ve seen it before–at Jean Paul Gaultier, or Kate Moss puffing away at Louis Vuitton–and we knew that we’ll see it again: smoking just seems to be synonymous with fashion.

But my question is: if smoking wasn’t such a taboo subject, would designers still have their models lighting up?

Pick something a little more exciting, DSquared2 boys, or at least make more exciting clothes so you don’t need the gimmick. Plus, the amount of hairspray in those beehives is an explosion waiting to happen.