The Saturdays attend The Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2013 - Inside Arrivals

One of these things is not like the other.


We cover a lot of red carpet, what with editing a fashion and beauty blog and all, and loyal readers can pretty easily anticipate our tastes: we love refined minimalism, somber blues and blacks, prints (floral or hallucinogenic), and the occasional bit of spacey futurism and goth. They also know what we loath: over-embellishment and busy frippery, slavish devotion to trends (peplums being the current big offender), cutouts, sheer panels, and general nakedness for nakedness’ sake.

Which is why we especially despise this trend of so-called “illusion dresses.” Sure, the Stella McCartney one that everyone loves is fine and flattering, but when the illusion is just “my torso is under here” we just glaze over.

And so we glazed over real, real hard when we saw this bit of nonsense:

Molie King attends the Glamour Women of the Year awardsThis is Mollie King of Brit girl group The Saturdays. This is also a great example of everything we hate on red carpets.

There is not a single original or interesting idea at play here; it is completely one note, literal, over-the-top and accomplishes a single thing: it reminds people that under this poor excuse for a dress, the wearer happens to be very naked.

Not only is it dumb, it’s also fantastically ugly. And the fabric looks cheap. And that yellow strip at the waist is killing us.

Here’s the back view:

Molie King attends the Glamour Women of the Year awardsLook, to clarify absolutely no one is saying Mollie King doens’t have an awesome butt (she does!) and certainly no one is saying ladies shouldn’t dress sexy (Alessandra Ambrosio at this week’s CFDA Awards really drives that point home) but this dress is just a really dumb way of broadcasting sexuality. It’s an obvious ploy for attention and it’s completely devoid of style.

What have you wrought, Jennifer Lopez?

(Photos via Wenn)