Alright alright, I don’t watch Mad Men, but I love some Project Runway. Judge all you’d like.

I have to admit that the All-Star season has not been my favorite bit of television. For one thing, Angela Lindvall is no Heidi Klum. For another, the show was obviously more interested in bringing together flamboyant personalities than creating real competition. It’s a common problem for any reality “All-Star” series, but it doesn’t make it less frustrating.

All that being said, the series still ended this week and it still managed to produce a pretty awesome winner. From the very beginning, this Runway was really Mondo’s to lose. He was obviously the most talented and most youthful designer to get passed over for the top stop. I mean, when Gretchen Jones beat him out in Season 8, there was almost a fan uprising. The show had to find a way to crown Mondo at some point in time.

And so they did. After months of competition, Mondo Guerra won the prize with a six-piece mini-collection thrown together in four days. Given the extreme time restraints, I have to admit that I like the clothes. I appreciate that he created his own ink blot prints to solidify his “therapy” theme. Sure some of the buttons are a bit big, but I can handle it.

For a series that’s had a hard time crowning winners that go on to successful fashion careers, with the exception of Christian Siriano, it looks like they might have picked someone with a chance to prove the competition right. At least in my less-than-professional opinion. Take a look at the clothes from his final show and let me know what you think.

(Photos: Lifetime)