You are going to sit there, staring at me, with your straight face, with no hint of laughter or disdain and tell me You are going to spend about $200 to have any one those fugly Evisu Genes jeans? Either I should call Daddy’s accountant or set up and appointment with Dr. Phil, I’m not sure which step I should take first.

I don’t care how authentic they are. Or whether they are “quality” jeans. There are other brand of jeans who have stood the test of time, like for example Levi’s, that are never as ugly as those Evisu Genes Diacock Jeans. I don’t care if one person had to sew every thread on that jeans. Or how many times they beat the crap out of a rock to test it’s durability. Those are ugly jeans and you are better off spending your money on a much better brand to avoid being laughed at by people on the streets. ‘Coz trust me, they will. The people who “compliments” you are lying and are laughing behind your back, literally.