OK, lots of girls have stopped by to chat about America’s Next Top Model cycle 13 open call casting which is currently taking place at various major cities in the United States. From what I can gather, some auditions will not be open call, they will be open for the girls who make a first cut at the open call castings. Fair? Maybe not, but that’s how the low fat cookie crumbles in the world of modeling.

Photo: Eric Liebowitz/The CW ©2009 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

I want to wish the best of luck to everyone going out for the audition. Be sure to stop by and tell us how the America’s Next Top Model audition went and if you saw any of the judges. The open calls will most likely not boast Tyra, Nigel and the gang, but the Top Model judges will be on hand for some of second rounds as stated on the CW website.

To prep for your audition, you might also want to stop by this thread on the CW messageboards to get an idea of what the audition process is like. There are many girls there who have already auditioned (either for cycle 13 or in the past) and can offer helpful tips such as what questions might be asked and what you’ll need the day you try out to become America’s Next Top Model.