Alright ladies and gents. As we all know, hats are among the best ways to dress up an outfit or keep you from looking dull. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular hat styles seen today!

The Cloche Hat

The first style that I have here is something that gained immense popularity back in the 1920s and is appreciated as a fashionable throwback style. It’s called the cloche. In case you didn’t know already, the word “cloche” is actually French for “bell”, which can be attributed to it’s sweet bell shaped design.

71108y2_jolie_a_b_gr_011Image: Bauer-Griffin

Most commonly, the cloche is made from felt, which makes them more comfortable to wear seeing as the felt conforms to the head. Often, the hat features a nice bow or ribbon to make it even prettier. If you’re still unfamiliar with the cloche, take a look at Angelina Jolie (above)  filming her 2008 movie “Changeling.” She’s wearing a cute one!

The Newsboy Cap

The Newsboy cap is perhaps my favorite style among them all.  This style might also be referred to as a Baker Boy, AppleCap, Eight Panel, Gatsby, Fisherman’s Cap or Lundberg Stetson. Expect to see a round and full body with a button at the top of the crown.


The newsboy always has a brim and occasionally you’ll see one where the crown is attached to the brim using a button. In the 19th century and early 20th century, they were worn only by boys and men but now, it seems that women might be the majority of newsboy-wearers. Check out the photo above for an example of a newsboy.

The Bucket Hat

Sometimes, people make the mistake of mixing up the cloche with the bucket hat. One of the best ways to differentiate between the two is to look at the crown (top part) of the hat. The bucket hat is looser all around but it will have a flatter and less defined crown than the cloche. Plus, most of the time, the bucket hat is made of denim or canvas, whereas the cloche will be mostly made of felt. The brim of a bucket hat will be really loose and easy to move around.

Image: Bauer-Griffin

Image: Bauer-Griffin

Star of ABC’s “Desperate Housewives“, Marcia Cross was seen sporting a black bucket hat. Similarly to Marcia’s, many bucket hats will feature detailing along the side of the hat or two eyelets on each side for ventilation. This is the kind of hat you’d take to the beach or for a walk in the summer.

The Fedora Hat

Next up is the much beloved fedora hat. You’ll see this pretty commonly among celebrities whether they be men or women. How do you recognize a fedora? Well, the first thing you should look for is the pinched front of the crown. Then look for the brim which will be going all the way around the hat.

Image: Bauer-Griffin
Image: Bauer-Griffin

There really is no specific size for how big the brim of the fedora should be. You can get the  “Indiana Jones” look and get a fedora with a big brim or there’s also fedoras with little brims which might be seen on Will.I.Am or Nick Jonas. However, make sure you don’t get the fedora mixed up with it’s cousin, the trilby hat. You can identify a trilby by looking at the back of the hat. If the back part of the hat is curled up and it’s got a smaller brim, it’s probably a trilby. Also, usually fedoras are made of felt and occasionally are dressed up with feathers. Actress Kate Walsh can be seen above sporting a very nice white fedora hat.

The Beret

Ooh la la! Our next style is the beret, known for it’s traditional connection to France and for being impossibly adorable. You’ll recognize the beret by looking at it’s oval shaped crown, flat top and usually it’s wool felt material. On average, the beret will be slouchy and will typically be worn on the side or hanging off the back of the head.

Image: Bauer-Griffin
Image: Bauer-Griffin

It’s a style that can be worn by both men and women. Check out teen star Miley Cyrus rocking a cute little beret!