My new favorite Tumblr, Selfies At Serious Places, is exactly what it sounds like and worse than you can imagine. Culling from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, SASP showcases the truly horrible judgement of everyone on earth.

I love a good selfie as much as the next guy–how else will I know what I look like? However, I feel like I have a sense of decorum about these things. No selfies at funerals, tragic events, deathbeds, or similar. Selfies are to be taken when you’re in your bed alone and can’t remember what your nostrils look like.

Then again, nothing spices up a tragedy quite like a duckfaced selfie, preferably with your dumb face overshadowing the meaningful situation you’ve found yourself in. Here’s 5 of the most fucked up selfies from Selfies At Serious Places. Brace yourself.

5. 9/11 Memorial

911 selfies

This is a really great way to honor American heroes. Her face just says “never forget.”

4. Chernobyl

chernobyl selfie

It’s an unspeakable tragedy that just got a style and attitude upgrade.

3. Anne Frank’s House

anne frank selfie

These Holocaust ones are great. This is just a really awesome picture because it’s a reflection. I’m pretty impressed.

2. A gas chamber in Auschwitz


Continuing on the Holocaust theme, just check out the terror in his eyes as he contemplates the weight of where he’s standing. I really love his use of the #respect hashtag. It’s such a fitting tribute to those who perished in gas chambers. #respect, indeed.

1. Trayvon Martin Trial

zimmeran selfies

I don’t have a joke somebody please help me I’m having an aneurysm. #cooldad.

Photos via Selfies At Serious Places.