We realized this in regards to Pretty Woman because the geniuses over at Cracked noted:

Vivian walks into a Rodeo Drive boutique all pouty-mouthed and gangly–a big-lipped, shamefaced fallen woman who knows she doesn’t belong in the same room as regular folk. Give her some expensive clothes, some flattery and overt groveling from the service caste, and she walks out of there like the honest-to-God Queen of Sheba. Her posture is straightened, her gait is elegant…

But then we remembered that half of the chick flicks out there hinge upon the idea that buying a designer gown can change your entire way of being. That does not actually work that way, just FYI. If you put someone with social anxiety disorder in a good dress, you just get someone with social anxiety disorder in a good dress. You get someone sitting at a party very quietly.

Though that doesn’t stop us from buying overpriced accessories, because… well, because we’ve been lied to by the Hollywood machine, basically. And because who were really are is shallow! But let’s look at movies where the heroine is suddenly relating to the world entirely differently because she slapped a dress onto her otherwise grotesque carcass.