mtcostelloEveryone watch out, because if the Fashion Week runway has anything to say about it, the next big menswear trend could be exposed penises.

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When Rick Owens sent male models down his NSFW runway with exposed penises and testicles bouncing in the wind, it seemed like a likely one-off, or a quirky runway novelty. For all our joking, we did not think it was something we’d see again soon. But during this week’s generally safer and more commercial New York Fashion Week, someone did it again. Brother and sister design duo Michael and Stephanie Costello of MT Costello sent a tall, blond, Dolph Lundgren-looking model down the runway wearing a crocodile-embossed cape, a gold bracelet, and another gold snake bauble around his penis.


As he made his exit, he dropped the robe so everyone could watch his butt.


Of course, it’s a little premature to call exposed penises a trend for Fall/Winter 2015. The running measurement is that we need to see something three times to officially call it a trend. But we’ve seen two already, and London Fashion Week is only just getting started. We’ve got a lot of fashion to get through in the next couple weeks, and we’re virtually guaranteed to see a couple more runway peens before this is all over, so clearly this is just the start of things. Next thing you know, all your male friends will be showing up to your fancy cocktail parties wearing pants with the crotch cut out, and maybe a bit of glittery penis jewelry.

Maybe someday the look will be so normal we won’t even have to label these pictures NSFW.

Photos: Arun Nevader/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images