MTV decided to give Styl’d no promotional budget as we seem to see 101 commercials for Jersey Shore every week, but NONE for Sty’d. What’s up with that?! At any rate, because of this, I have yet to find the show on my dial and randomly ran across it tonight (btw, it possibly airs at 9pm CST on Saturday nights).


Photo: Zuma Image

My thoughts? Not good. The show seems very, very staged, and we’re talking Keeping Up with the Kardashians-style. We have a group of guys and gals who are vying for a spot to be a junior stylist represented by MMA Management. We saw Julie Weiss, an A-list celeb stylist, who has a very similar look to The Hills’ Kristin Cavallari. This one character, Tara, is driving me nuts. She’s catty, full of excuses and insane for airing her dirty laundry whenever she wants! Yikes! I don’t think anyone gets booted from the show, they just all stay put until the end when one is selected.

After a day of working with Sean Kingston and some chick from the Disney Channel, the group heads back to meet with their boss. What happens? Tara (the brunette) gets into it WITH the boss and makes tons of rude remarks which leads the boss to come after her and say, “I may be tiny, but I can throw down!” Uh…OK? MTV is falling on its face with this lousy fashion reality show. I think they could really do well with a show of this variety if it were done in a real way. Of course when it comes to reality TV, what is “real?”