wonder woman

These days I can’t seem to open my Internet box without stumbling across some new artistic interpretation of Disney princesses or superheroes. Some are more effective than others–disabled Disney princesses challenged the ableism of these characters, Anne Frank and Hilary Clinton got the princess treatment, and Disney princess porn somewhat artlessly pointed to the sexualization of these characters aimed at children. While these reinterpretations have become somewhat tired, an artist has re-drawn non-Disney princess Wonder Woman into a hijab-wearing Muslim Wonder Woman in one of the most effective redrawing of established characters that I’ve seen in a while.

muslim wonder woman

The artist, who goes by Alex, added a hijab, leggings, and a skirt in place of Wonder Woman’s typical hot pants and bustier. The hijab or any head/face covering has become a symbol of oppressed Muslim women, primarily to non-Muslims masquerading as liberators. Putting one on Wonder Woman up ends that paradigm, making it very clear that a hijab does not equal oppression. Instead, Muslim women are as nuanced as women of other religions; the oppression at the hands of men varies, as it does in all cultures.

What’s most striking is the representation of sex appeal in a way that we’re not used to seeing it. While this interpretation of Wonder Woman is more modestly dressed than the traditional version, she still has plenty of sex appeal. I’m not making a case for covering up or showing more skin–the goal here should be to cover up or to show as much as the person in question wants to, whether it’s dictated by a belief system, personal comfort, or any other factor. This shows the diversity of sex appeal, and that there’s many more than just one way to be sexy.

Photos: Wonder Woman, Tumblr [h/t io9]