Without outrageous radio personality Wendy Williams, my work day afternoons would be a whole lot duller.  I’ve been listening to the gossip girl since she returned to the New York City airwaves on WBLS in 2001, and I was among the fans who tuned in last summer during the trial sneak peak of her TV gab fest, “The Wendy Williams Show.”  


Image courtesy of "The Wendy Williams Show"

How you doin' Wendy?



Image courtesy of Wendy Williams Show

Images courtesy of Wendy Williams Show


Well, starting Monday, July 13 Wendy’s back on the tele, and this time I hope she’ll be around as long as Oprah…or at least as long as Tyra’s talk show.

Check Wendy’s website for info on when the show airs in your area.  In the meantime, watch this memorable segment with shoe designers Shane and Shawn from Wendy’s sneak peak season.