The year isn’t even 3/4 of the way over, but I can’t help myself in reflecting back on who has made an impact on my own personal style and flair for fashion. There are some celebrities who can’t seem to walk out the front door without a stylist telling them they should tuck that strand of hair behind their ear. Then there are those who make it look all effortless – like being a fashion icon is as simple as sneezing or taking out the trash.


My preference is for those who fall into the effortless, sophisticated category. Not too done up but always polished and put together just right for the occasion. These are the women who inspire and make fashion fun – instead of something cold and inaccessible. What is funny is that most of the actresses I look to for fashion direction tend to be other than I am – but oh so chic! While my budget may not be quite so big, here are my top ten celebrity style icons.

Images: Bauer Griffin